We are biohazard EPA and Florida certified licensed professional with OSHA certifications. We are a preferred Florida statewide health care provider that currently has statewide operations for home environmental healthcare which involves pest control, enhanced chore services which involves deep cleaning, biohazard clean up and disinfecting as well as environmental assessments. We are a  state certified general contractor, state certified mold assessor, state certified mold remediatior, OSHA 30 hr certified safety officer, and license durable medical equipment (PPE) statewide supplier.  As an approved Florida health care department provider, and agency for health care administration provider (AHCA), that serves the department of elder affairs, the Dept  of children's and families, and vocational rehabilitation program, dept of Elder Affairs, including the brain spinal injury program.

Environmental Assessments  

Heavy Enhanced Chore Services 

Quarantined rooms with negative air pressure. 

Prevention or Containment  


Biohazard cleanup and removal  

Directional ventilation  

We are Approved Providers for

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